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Our funeral industry is changing much faster than one could have ever imagined.  Professional Escorts has been in the funeral industry for over 51 years.  There are now more diverse funeral home operations that only offer to sell you the dry goods that are used in the funeral industry... caskets, flowers, vaults, etc.  Other funeral 'parlors' now offer to set up the service but have no facilities to have the service 'in house'.   They must use a church, home, or other meeting place including the graveside to conduct the service.  Many families are turning to cremation and graveside services, rather than traditional services, to lessen expenses.  As our funeral rites make changes we've seen a bit of information pop up on the Internet.  I've got a section now for some of the links to the sites that we're seeing there.  I also have the local and state laws that we are guided by for the funeral processions.
And who would have ever thought that there would actually be TV shows with funeral sitcoms as a theme?? And now we have several... including such shows as HBO's Six Feet Under and A&E's Family Plots.

Funeral Processions

Missouri Revised Statues Sections 194.500-512
Missouri enacted a law regarding funeral processions and the escorting of such processions.  It took effect August 28th, 1999.  The law specifically defines what a funeral procession is and allows for the motorcycle escorting the procession.  The law also provides for penalties for violation of the law.
(See Missouri Revised Statutes section 194.500-512)
194.500 194.503 194.506 194.509 194.512
Kansas City is our centrally located city and although it is a 'Metropolitan' Area.
Kansas City is often the guide for city ordinances around the area.
City of Kansas City, Missouri City Ordinances

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